Finally – an all-in-one website for taxi drivers, hire car drivers and their passengers!

For many years, the taxi and hire car industry has been missing one vital thing, but now, that ‘thing’ is finally here!

Introducing TAXIPOST: Australia’s first online community, bringing together drivers, passengers and a huge range of businesses and service providers under the one big, user-friendly umbrella.

TAXIPOST is an online classifieds website created by a group of ex-drivers with a vision to unite the taxi and hire car industry in an online community. Our goal is to drive the industry into the 21st century with a comprehensive, easy-to-use FREE online directory.

  •   Post FREE ‘job wanted’ or ‘job vacancy’ advertisements for taxis and hire cars.
  •   Buy, sell or lease taxi licences.
  •    Post and browse messages in our ‘Lost & Found’ section.
  •   Buy, sell and trade items in the TAXIPOST Marketplace.


Search for quality goods and services OR advertise your business in our directory.

Taxi drivers are always on the look-out for a good mechanic, panel beater or the best tasting kebab in town!

Our fast search engine makes searching and using our website super easy! Search our entire database by state and keyword to find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant.

Are you a business owner? Then we highly recommend registering your business in the TAXIPOST database. Discover a whole new clientele you never knew existed. And the best part is that listing your business with us is dirt cheap.

The Team at TAXIPOST have a goal to expand this website for the benefit of everyone – so don’t seize your chance to get onboard now and help pioneer this revolutionary website!

… And an online marketplace for anything from spare parts, to taxi uniforms, to dome lights!

Lost something during your last taxi trip? Need a new cupholder for your taxi? How about a spare part to get your taxi back on the road again?

The TAXIPOST Marketplace is designed to put you in touch with someone who has exactly what you’re looking for.

We have carloads of TAXIPOST Marketplace features:

  •    Instantly remove an ad once the item sells or the position fills.
  •   Quick search jobs and ads by town, city and keyword.
  •   Quick search drivers looking for shifts by suburb.
  •   View all the available taxi services available on our database.
  •   Join our mailing list to receive FREE updates, news and special offers and promotions.
  •    Buy, sell and trade spare parts for FREE.
  •   Sell or lease taxi licences and post ads for goods and services for FREE.
  •   Browse lost and found items by suburb and post notices for FREE.



We are available at to answer any specific questions, but for everything else, please read our FAQ section below.


Q. Is using this website really free?

A. Yes! Browsing is absoutely free! We only charge for banner and service directory listing.


Q. Are there any hidden costs?

A. No. Unless your advertising on our banners or service's directory then  this site is 100% free.


Q. Is this site hard to use?

A. No – our website has been designed to be very user friendly, but if you have any troubles using or accessing this site, please send us an email at